Navy Press Release on Andrew’s Discharge


It reads:


OTTAWA, Oct. 28 — The Department of Naval Service has announced that Lieutenant Andrew D. MacLean, R.C.N.V.R., 45, of Toronto, anti submarine and Fairmile Motor Launch expert; has been placed on the retired list at his own request.

Lt. Cdr. MacLean served in the last war with the First Submarine Hunting Flotilla operating in the Mediterranean. On the recommendation of Admiral Sir David Beatty he was promoted and served as a Watch Keeping Officer in H.M.S. Cleopatra – a fast cruiser that saw much action in the North Sea as a unit of the Grand Fleet, He was in command of the Toronto Division of the Royal Canadian Naval Volunteer Reserve (now H.M.C.S. York) from 1927 to 1934, retiring at that time to expedite the promotion of his juniors.

On the outbreak of the Second Great War, Lt. Cdr. MacLean offered his services at the beginning and was in command of the Royal Canadian Air Force Marine Section for a period before proceeding on loan to the Royal Navy where he was given command of a large, convoy trawler, H.M.S. St. Zeno, and later as the representative of the Admiralty for the Acceptance Trials of Fairmile Submarine Chasers and Motor Gun Boats.

In his naval career Lt. Cdr. MacLean qualified as a cruiser Watchkeeper, as a gunnery specialist and passed various technical courses.

On return to Canada last year, he was appointed Senior Officer Fairmiles and beginning with but one boat was instrumental in developing this branch of the Royal Canadian Navy to the large and efficient force it is today.

In civil life Lt. Cdr. MacLean is Vice-President of Hugh C. MacLean Publications, a director of the Muskoka Navigation Company, an author and writer of note and was private secretary to Viscount R.B. Bennett when Prime Minister. He is married and has two children.

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